How to tell if your dog has separation anxiety

Be on the lookout for these 5 signs of separation anxiety below Separation anxiety is unfortunately one of the most common behavioral issues seen in canines. Stress and fear both play a huge role in separation anxiety. Since we cannot verbally communicate with our dogs, they can become extremely worried of losing sight of their … Read more

Pressure Wraps (Thunder Shirts)

While there are many options that you can use on your pet to keep them calm during a storm or anything that may cause anxiety thunder shirts are simple and effective. I know I will always choose any other options rather than medication. Thunder shirts are not just useful during storms, they can be very … Read more

How to put on a ThunderShirt?

Great tutorial on how to put a ThunderShirt on your dog! These shirts can help with your dog’s anxiety during storms, separation anxiety, and most loud noises. First, you should measure your dog’s chest to ensure that it’s not too loose or tight. Thundershirts come in all sizes ranging from XXS – XXL. You may … Read more